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What makes Earth Education programmes unique?

An Earth Education Programme is a skillfully crafted, sequential learning experience designed to help participants live more harmoniuosly and joyously with the earth and all its life. There are a number of important characteristics which define an Earth Education programme. The main programmes are outlined above.

The Institute for Earth Education (IEE) produces model programmes run by centres throughout the world as a franchise. The IEE provides copies of the necessary books and all the learning materials and activities. While most props can be purchased from local sources, as a service to its members, Earth Education UK does stock a supply of 'harder to find' props. It also, through its volunteer staff and network of centres running its programmes, provides free support for any centre wishing to set up and run Earth Education programmes. It can also organise training opportunities for those people who already deliver any of the the activities.

For those centres that need a programme not already provided by one of the model prgrammes produced by The Institute for Earth Education (Intl), guidance on writing your own home-grown programme is given by the book, 'Earth Education - a New Beginning' and local groups are often able to help with this process.

If you have any queries, questions or quibbles, please contact our Programmes Coordinator who will endeavour to help you.

Earth Education and Forest School

People often ask, "What are the fundemental differences between Earth Education and Forest School?" and also, "What does Earth Education have to offer Forest School?". Here are two documents that try to answer those questions!


No time to run a whole programme? No problem!

We appreciate that you may not yet have the time or resources to run a full earth education programme. You could use earthwalks or conceptual encounters as a stand alone activity to get started and then incorperate them into your own earth education programme when you have become confident with them. Of course, we hope that you will eventually be able to find the time and resources to run either a full model programme or your own homegrown programme

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