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About Earth Education UK...

Earth Education UK is a network of people in the UK interested in the work of the Institute for Earth Education (I.E.E), and in supporting each other to deliver earth education activities and programmes to people of all ages. The I.E.E. develops and produces a range of high quality programmes, most of them for children and young people. Members of earth education UK are committed to assisting centres and individuals to set up and run these programmes.

If you share our beliefs and would like to help support earth education in the UK, email for more details about how to become a member and join our network.

We think you'll find many kindred spirits in our growing community of earth educators.

Earth Education UK...

  • Develops and disseminates Earth Education programmes and activites;
  • Conducts workshops for teachers, leaders and others involved in educating people about environmental problems;
  • Has a range of books and programme materials available online or from the mail order catalogue;
  • Supports individuals and centres running earth education in the UK.

About the Institute for Earth Education (I.E.E.)

For almost 50-years, Steve Van Matre (SVM), founder of the I.E.E. has been challenging environmental education practitioners to reflect upon their real purpose and practice. Publications have documented the progression of SVMs ideas over the years. One consequence is we have a series of inspirational, carefully crafted, programmes, for young people of all ages. These comprise linking experiences:

  • developing positive feelings between young people and their natural world
  • helping understanding of the Planet's key ecological processes, and
  • encouraging positive, environmentally friendly, lifestyle choices.

Originally, the Institute for Earth Education, as an international non-profit organisation, enabled the growth of a worldwide network of members. A UK Branch had a membership and volunteer associate scheme – this enabled a training trainers programme and series of workshops, supporting the development, piloting and or running of existing and new programmes at centres and schools across the UK. Today this support and networking role is played by our independent, not–for–profit organisation – Earth Education UK.

Recently, the Institute has added two new branches to its organisational tree known as "The School of The Earth". These are: The School of Interpretation and The School of Contemplation. These are as a response to public demands and approaches to help people appreciate and care for their Planet. The I.E.E. is based at its centre, Cedar Cove in West Virginia, where international volunteers/members are welcomed to experience this centre of excellence first-hand and join the team.

You may wish to support the work of the I.E.E. by becoming an Affiliate or an Associate. For more information please contact

The Fund for Earth Education is a registered charity number 1017462.

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